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I am 66% Yooper  
01:33pm 17/01/2007
[ ] You know what "pank" means.
[x] School was canceled because of snow.
[ ] You know who makes the snow scoop.
[x] You know what a snow scoop is.
[x] You have worn blaze orange in public.
[x] You know where the Gitchigumee is.
[x] You know what swampers are.
[x] You know what a Kromer is.
[x] You have seen it snow in May.
[ ] You have been laughed at for the way you talk.

Subtotal: 7

[ ] You or a family member have owned or currently own a truck solely for plowing purposes
[ ] You know where on your body to wear choppers.
[x] You have ever owned a pair of Sorels.
[ ] You have driven a full sized vehicle onto a frozen lake.
[x] 50 degree water in August is perfect for swimming.
[x] There is a ice scraper in your vehicle year round.
[x] You have ever said, "Eh?"
[x] Mozza sticks are appetizers.
[x] You are of Swedish, Polish, Finnish, or German heritage.
[x] You've gone snowmobiling.

Subtotal: 7

[x] Jumping into a cold lake or rolling in the snow after exiting the sauna dosen't sound strange to you.
[ ] You have gone leek picking.
[ ] You know who's coming to sauna.
[x] You can sing at least one Yoopers or Bananas at Large song.
[ ] You know what ski flying is.
[x] A carbonated beverage is a "Pop."
[x] You know what a white out is.
[x] You know what the weather man means when he says, "Drifting snow."
[x] Somebody asks how far something is and you answer in minutes or hours.
[x] You know what a musk melon is.

Subtotal: 7

[x] You know what a partridge is.
[x] "Rusty Chevrolet" is a Christmas song.
[ ] Your hometown has some sort of winter celebration.
[x] You still go outside when it is 30 below zero.
[ ] You know what hard pack is.
[x] You have had venison for a meal.
[ ] You have had fried mashed potatoes with onions.
[x] You have ever been smelting.
[x] You know that "Big Mac" is a bridge.
[x] You know what a culvert is.

Subtotal: 7

[ ] You have ever been ice fishing.
[x] You or someone you know owns an ice auger.
[x] You know what an ice auger is.
[x] You know how to pronounce names such as Ontanagon, Escanaba, Mosinee, Gogebic, and Sault Ste. Marie.
[x] Your vehicle has a plug OR You know what plug is.
[x] Driving gets better in the winter time because the snow fills in the potholes.
[ ] You have hit a deer with your vehicle.
[ ] You have tracked said deer to try to find it after you hit it.
[ ] Your school treats the opening day of deer season as a holiday.
[ ] You have ever owned a pair of Red Balls.

Subtotal: 5

OK, now add up all of the subtotals and multiply by 2. That will give you your "Yooper Percentage." Then repost as "I am _% Yooper." Have fun
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I guess I need to rant periodically....  
09:23pm 09/11/2006
So I'm brining the LJ back...it's better to rant to a computer than to other ppl :)

Anyways, most entries will be protected, so if ya'll want access just drop me a line.
location: Blue Key Office
mood: crappycrappy
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